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Why donate to Cancer Research UK

Cancer is a disease that affects a great proportion of the population of the United Kingdom . Each one of us is certain to know someone who has suffered from one form of cancer, and there are many different types. It is an ever present factor in the lives of millions of people, and a disease that brings heartbreak and anguish to the families of those, young and old, who suffer from and succumb to cancer day after day.

Cancer Research UK is a registered charity dedicated to researching ways to beat cancer and save lives. The charity is entirely public funded, and our cancer appeal needs your support. We all have our chosen charities and causes that we donate to, yet with an estimated one in three people in the UK population affected in some way by cancer we would like you to consider how important Cancer Research UK is to you.

In the last year Cancer Research UK raised almost £450 million. All of this came from public donations of some kind. Many people give directly in the form of one off or regular donations, others organise or take part in events that have a strong public profile – such as charity runs and similar – and many more leave legacies in their Wills as a sign of the help and support that Cancer Research UK has given to them and their families in times of need. Without these donations they would not be able to carry out their valuable research.


Help save lives with Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is dedicated to three different areas in beating cancer:

Their ongoing research into ways to treat and prevent cancer is world renowned; your donations are used to fund an army of scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK who are dedicated to investigating the causes of cancer, the best ways to treat different forms of cancer and to improving diagnosis methods so that future generations can benefit from their work and your help.

Cancer Research UK provide a comprehensive information resource to help patients and their families understand, and cope with, cancer and all of its effects. Their highly regarded award winning website – CancerHelp UK – is a major source of help and advice, and they are committed to raise the public awareness of cancer, and of the need for continued research into cancer, and to providing advice on ways in which the public can reduce their chances of being diagnosed with the disease.

They are actively involved in working with politicians in the UK government to keep cancer research at the very top of the agenda, and to progress the experiences of sufferers and of health professionals who work with patients to the people right at the very top. We strive to keep cancer awareness as strong as possible, and your donations help to prolong the existence of our valuable cancer appeal.

Cancer Research UK's campaigns have helped make Britain a safer place with such initiatives as the banning of smoking in certain public places, and the work of Cancer Research UK continues to save lives – millions of lives, and millions more to come.

Without your donations – no matter how small they may be – their groundbreaking work could not continue, and the suffering and heartbreak would escalate.


Donate generously to Cancer Research UK

We have already mentioned that many of us have our chosen charities; what we would like to do is ask that you consider making Cancer Research UK one of yours.

Ask yourself this question: do you know someone who has, or has had, cancer? If you can honestly answer ‘no' you are one of a select group, a rarity. It is almost impossible to find someone who has not, in some way, been affected by cancer, and that is why Cancer Research UK need your donations to carry on ground-breaking, life saving and essential work.

There are many ways to contribute to Cancer Research UK and to the valuable work they do; There are shops across the country selling a wide selection of goods, and for every item sold all profits go to Cancer Research UK; there are groups, local and nationwide, dedicated to raising funds for Cancer Research UK, many of them set up by the families of cancer victims who simply want to give something back to the people who helped them in their time of need; there are special events, countrywide, that raise funds by sponsorship and donations.

Every one of these, no matter the size or scale, helps Cancer Research UK to continue their work. You may choose to donate on a regular basis – monthly by direct debit is the preferred method – and all they ask is a donation of £2 a month. We understand that not everyone has a great deal of disposable income, so £2 a month is a figure that we know most can afford. Even that small amount helps – every single donation helps Cancer Research UK to continue their work.

You can choose specific areas of research to donate to, or you can organise a charity event; you may wish to hold a bring and buy sale, a coffee morning, or simply set up a generous donation to help Cancer Research UK in their efforts to reduce the risk of cancer, keep the cause in the public eye and continue to lobby the people at the top.

Cancer Research UK saves lives, but they can only do so with your generous donations; whether you contribute the minimum or a greater amount, leave a donation in your Will or run an event - they need you – it is you who enables Cancer Research UK to save millions of lives that would otherwise be lost to this heartbreaking and sadly commonplace disease. Give generously, and save lives.